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Business Affiliates

We have a strategic partnership with multiple IT Consultants across the globe where they engage in business development
activities and get the best IT Solutions from us. With the help of our experienced employees, high competence,
cost-effective and flexible delivery models they can deliver quality solutions within the deadline.

Understanding your needs, we offer the following business models:

Affiliate Models

 Affiliate model

Affiliate model can help individuals or businesses having a visible presence on the internet and massive social network. In this model, partnering is mainly for promoting and marketing the IT Company.

Outsourcing model

This is the most popular partnering model for IT companies. It has numerous benefits such as cost reduction, availability of expertise, quality, timely delivery of projects, and transparency.

On-site model

It is impossible for businesses to have sales representative in every part of the globe. Under these circumstances, you can partner with the IT Company and become the sales representative.

Franchisee model

This model works perfectly for small firms looking to utilize their resources. You can work as a branch for the company. It does require you to fulfill certain parameters such as expert resources, infrastructure and assets.


  • Technical expertise & Established process.
  • Reduce your project cost with our flexible service models
  • Best services
  • Competitive rates
  • We are always happy to assist.
  • We provide user friendly interface(GUI) and services.
  • We believe in Partnership and sharing ideas and Innovation & quality.
  • The majority of our new clients are referred to us by existing clients –
  • A good indicator of their satisfaction with our service.
  • Just give a try with our service, we promise to delight you.

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Behind Every Project is A Dream Partner with DevSoft

Your skill, ingenuity and perseverance have already made your business a success. Our capital, expertise and resources can take you further.

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Let's Grow Together
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