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Matrimonial Portal
Website Development !

Lets create something special.

We develop websites to create strong Online Identity for our Customers and we make sure that,
they get what they pay for and desired online conversion as well.

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Matrimonial Portal/ Website Development

The experience and creative approach to excellence is evident in our range of e-commerce solutions. Marriage portal development devsoft delivered service with many integrated features that allow users to take full advantage of the matrimonial services. Our solutions provide fully functional marriage almost all users of public services search. Marriage proposal portals, personalized services for the front and back end users at a time.

Matrimonial portals are very popular nowadays and become one of the fastest growing industry in the world. Matrimonial websites provides a platform to find you the right life partner you are looking for. Matrimonial websites also provides provisions to set preferences such as community, location, profession and more according to choice. It's a perfect and convenient option for people who are too busy in their lives and don't have time to get out and meet new people. Beacause of its benefits youngsters are logging into these matchmaking sites to find their true life partner.

It also gives an opportunity to the website owner to earn a good amount of income through these portal activities. So, if you are also thinking on the same lines and want to start some profitable business through a matrimonial website, then we can be approached for superlative matrimonial portal development services.

Front-End User Features

Front-End User section to leave as well as guest users and registered users. Number of noteworthy features is offered to our users upstream section


  • Registration of members paid or free states
  • The base category navigation
  • Advanced Search, and other parameters
  • Featured Profile Ad
  • Profile Management
  • Categories
  • Basic research and detail of the additional parameters
  • Access Profile


  • Configure your e-mail alert settings
  • Services Upgrade Account
  • Paying for optional items, such as the profile function and / or fatty
  • Several e-mail and SMS alert preferences
  • Free paid into an account of the migration


Back-end component is specially designed and developed web site administrators to provide them the opportunity to manage the internal architecture of the site.

Administrator Utilities
  • The administrator can add, edit, delete, activate, deactivate research
  • User Profile
  • User Profile religious
  • Contact user profile
  • User Work / Career Profile
  • User personality profile
  • Profile of user community
  • Photos and supporting documentation
  • Family Profile
  • Tools & TECHNOLOGY

We build easy to use, long-lasting marriage, online applications for our customers. Our components provide a good marriage, administrative control and flexibility for users and administrators. We offer our customers a marriage fully equipped and ready to take a lot of personal websites as they want.