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Our Story


After years of experience in providing excellent website management services, we decided to establish DevSoft on the 3rd August 2010. Soon the company gained several clients for Web Development.


2012 was the year when the clients from USA, Canada and UAE put their trust in DevSoft, and the company started providing multiple services to these clients.


The growing clientele and team members led us to expansion, and in 2012, we moved into a spacious new workspace located at one of the most developed areas of the city. Our teams of skilled professionals started working in a comfortable and well-equipped workplace.


By the mid of 2015, we built a team of creative and dedicated developers. We started working various projects providing a complete range of Web services, including custom development, maintenance and support, e-commerce development, and many more.


Enjoying a status of working with 500+ business niches in various countries all around the world and by this time our team had completed over 1000 projects and had achieved a 95% job success ratio across all Web development & Management services.


As we have completed more than ten years in the industry, we have launched our new website that is easy to navigate, user-friendly and upscale

Behind Every Project is A Dream Partner with DevSoft

Your skill, ingenuity and perseverance have already made your business a success. Our capital, expertise and resources can take you further.

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