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Real Estate CRM

Develop your business sustainably with real estate CRM

The essence of all selling processes carried out in the real estate industry is to transform prospects into actual sales. Customer Relationship Management system impersonates manifold kinds of special functions that help do just the following – organize and streamline the perspectives and activities to get along faster and with more assurance toward the final sale.

CRM features and functions in real estate

CRM applications enable consistent and complete communication both externally and internally with tenants, investors, suppliers and partners. Any efficient data like information about property, clients, transactions and communication processes can be found in the system. This particular program helps to integrate a few steps into one, so that to save time and keep the process quick, clean and simple.

we process and customize CRM systems with the following number of functions:
  • Client module is a special place where all information concerning buyers and sellers is stored. This program helps to keep potential buyers happy and working team up-to-date while recording outgoing and incoming email traffic, tours, phone calls, and any other communication with the client.
  • Property search engine system is the quickest and the easiest search feature in which the real estate agent can search from predetermined fields to undetermined ones in order to find the property that satisfies the clients' demands.
  • Executive dashboard system is a greatly effective tool which is aimed at following the most important pieces of information whether they are financial deals and trends or sales forecasts and helping you track personal success.
  • Deal and commission tracking system serves to control the deals by probability and stage just to know what processes are coming down the pipeline and where you should concentrate attention. This program also helps to track percentages and commissions between outside and inside brokers.
  • Pre-built report system prevents you from spending countless hours on creating both external and internal reports. It allows to generate various types of specialized reports and to make them dynamic thus you can once create them and practice on a continual basis.
  • Lease preferences tracking system allows to match potential clients with the properties that meet their requirements. The program is divided into several categories, such as asset class, geographical position, price situation, purchase or lease, and their perfect match helps to find the suitable target property.