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SEO Analysis

Your Free SEO Analysis

If you want more leads and sales, you need to increase targeted traffic to your website. How you accomplish this is with search engine optimization. The first step is taking an analytical look at your website and seeing how search-engine-friendly it is with an SEO audit.

What Happens in an SEO Audit? What Do I Get in My Free SEO Report?

When it comes to SEO analyses, free is standard. But, if you're looking for the best SEO reports, we actually recommend having a digital marketing company perform a complete, detailed audit. Most SEO checkers will give you a general view of your website's performance but don't paint the whole picture.

Our proprietary SEO audit compares your website to your top three competitors so you can see where you stand among the pack. you will learn where you stand on the most important ranking factors:

  • Whether or not your website is secure (HTTPS vs. HTTP)
  • Whether or not your website is mobile-friendly
  • How fast web pages load on your site
  • The quality of your web pages' content
  • The length of your web pages' content
  • Presence of social signals that point back to your website
  • Presence of quality backlinks that point back to your website
  • Market demand and search volume
  • User experience (UX) issues like broken links and indexing problems
  • Google My Business profile strength

Diagnose Your Website With the Best SEO Audit & Report